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a dynamic monthly journal centered around the joy of unlearning. With hair wellness as our north star, The Almanac invites thought leaders, artists, medical experts, and visionaries to share new concepts, ideas, and ways of thinking. We’re getting to the root of it.

The Act+Acre
Guide to NYC

Whether you’re reemerging like a Phoenix into this city—your city—or taking a visit to find inspiration, we’ve asked our team on their favorite spots in New York City. Consider us your personal travel guide.


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On Sun Worship
+ Scalp Health

This just inyour scalp can get just as sunburned as the rest of your body. Here’s what to do if that happens. 


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Causes of and Remedies for Itchy Scalp

There's nothing more frustrating than an itch you can't ease–and we're going to break down the most common causes.


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This is the Hair Diet

Feed your follicles. Hello, hair growth!

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The Act+Acre Guide to
Postpartum Hair Loss

Oh mama, hair loss after giving birth is perfectly normal. Don’t freak out, just read on →

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The Act+Acre
Guide to Hair Loss

Shedding strands isn’t the end of your hair story...it’s an invitation to shift the narrative. 

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How to get rid of Dandruff - Treatment and Remedies

50% of adults have scalp issues—isn’t that crazy?! Never life-threatening, but we understand that it can be incredibly embarrassing.  Let’s figure this out. 


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How to Effectively Control and Treat Frizzy Hair

It’s time to prioritize your hair wellness as we look at how you can control and fight frizz.


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