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Dealing with Dandruff

Dealing with Dandruff

Dealing with Dandruff

3 min read

50% of adults have scalp issues—isn’t that crazy?! Never life-threatening, but we understand that it can be incredibly embarrassing. Let’s figure this out. 

Dandruff is the growth of a specific family of fungus, malassezia. There are two main groups of aggravators which will increase this: The first is your genetic make-up, hair habits, hair type, and how you deal with the above. Also, keep in mind lifestyle factors (like stress) as they have a strong correlation with scalp flare-ups. Stress causes the body to release chemicals that trigger an inflammatory response—aggravating a pre-existing scalp condition further. The second includes external factors like particularly cold, or dry climates weather 

The science bit: It’s important to keep in mind this fungus feeds on the sebum your scalp produces, which irritates the scalp. This leads to a quicker cell turnover, resulting in large, visible flakes of skin sloughing off at once. Yummy. 

But we can shrink this to almost nothing, and here’s how: 

Keep your scalp clean, moisturized, and balanced at all times

This will help minimize the sebum production on your scalp, preventing the fungus from feeding on it, and avoiding the flakes we don’t want. Always use products free of harsh ingredients like silicones, sulfates, and parabens. Make sure to wash your hair frequently to rid your scalp of oil and keep it clean of dirt and other impurities. 

Incorporate an oil-based detox into your hair-care routine

This be of help by balancing your scalps moisture levels, and helping to remove any significant buildup of dead skin. This will also help to regulate your oil production, and prevent the overproduction that leads to dandruff. 

Eat well and manage your stress levels

We all know that poor lifestyle decisions can have a negative impact on our skin. Your scalp is an extension of your face, and it can be affected by your lifestyle more than most people think.

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