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How Cold Processed™ Can Help Your Hair and Scalp

Haircare, Reinvented.

Most of you have probably heard of cold press, the method of pressing produce for its juice or oil without adding any heat -- hence the “cold press” -- but have you heard of cold processed?

For generations, the hair care industry has been using chemicals to achieve product performance, prioritizing short-term benefits over the long-term health and wellness of your hair. But it’s not their fault, artificial ingredients need to be added because nutrients evaporate during the traditional high-heat production process. 

It was Time for a Change

At Act+Acre, we want you to get as many nutrients from your products as possible. We believe that improving the formula (using premium ingredients that are good for your scalp, since we’re all about helping your hair) is not enough. We also believe that it is possible to create a product that doesn’t require any added harsh chemicals to perform. This is why we worked with scientists to create a method that starts it all -- Cold Processed™

Our Cold Process Method™ uses hyperbaric chambers, ice cold water, and 1200 lbs of pressure to mix all of the ingredients together. Without the added heat, it ensures the active ingredients remain fresh and highly potent, just as nature intended.We took the cold press juices we all are familiar with and applied the concept to haircare. Without the heat, this process uses 90% less energy and retains up to 96% more vitamins in the active ingredients.

A Better Way to Achieve Results

As with the active ingredients, our team worked with top chemists researching and testing a variety of ingredients. The ultimate pick: essentials oil. Put simply essential oils are the “essence” of a plant - its unique properties in a very concentrated form. We believe that what’s inside counts. To turn this nutrient-packed ingredient into our beloved hair products, the curated oils are mixed through the process.

The result is a rich and potent formula that easily absorbed on your scalp, feeding the good nutrients for the long-term health of your scalp and hair. This process is used on all of our products -- from scalp detox to cleanse and conditioner -- and with consistent use, we’ve seen a significant improvement in scalp health and overall hair wellness -- leading to stronger, more resilient future hair growth. This is why we take our production process seriously. The performance you want, through cold processed botanicals, not chemicals. 

Did you know?

Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties help reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that can cause a breakdown in your hair follicles.