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How to Effectively Fight Frizz

How to Effectively Fight Frizz

How to Effectively Fight Frizz

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Frizzy hair occurs when the moisture in the environment is absorbed into your hair shaft. This results in the swelling of the hair shaft, raising the cuticle and causing a puffing effect. Dry, damaged, porous hair is usually most affected by humidity, although anyone can experience frizz if their hair is lacking moisture.

How to prevent frizzy hair effectively

In order to prevent frizz, your hair must be properly moisturized, and the cuticle must be well sealed. To ensure this, you must use a combination of both humectants and emollients. Both are important for different reasons, and we’ll break those down next.

A breakdown on humectants

Humectants attract water to the hair, providing it with the adequate moisture it needs. Common humectants include: glycerin, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. While they are effective moisturizers, because they are water-attracting, using them alone will not fight against frizz, and may actually do the opposite, leaving your hair in a frizzier state than normal. A key tip to remember is that water-based humectants are the most effective at ensuring your hair receives adequate hydration.

A breakdown on emollients

Emollients on the other hand do not effectively moisturize the hair, but act as a sealant instead. Emollients help prevent moisture from being lost by creating a coating around the cuticle that keeps moisture locked in. Common emollients include: oils, butters, and hydrolyzed proteins. 

It’s important to remember that a 100% oil-based product will not be an effective moisturizer for your hair, which is commonly misunderstood. Although oils may make your hair appear more smooth and shiny, they will not absorb into your cuticle the way a humectant does. Many people make the mistake of solely incorporating hair oils into their haircare routine in the hopes that they will bring hydration to their ends, only to be left confused when their hair remains dry and dull.

A powerful duo

When used in combination with each other, humectants and emollients will help you to both adequately hydrate your hair, while keeping that moisture locked in. One will not be effective without the other in fighting frizz, so it’s important to include both in your routine.

You can find both humectants and emollients in our conditioner as it contains: glycerin, hydrolyzed pea and soy protein, and many essential oils. You can apply a small amount of it to wet hair and air dry for a natural, frizz-free finish.

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