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The Benefits of Basil

The Benefits of Basil

The Benefits of Basil
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Whenever you apply our Scalp Detox, your nose is likely to be hit with a wonderful aroma of basil. Basil leaf extract (scientifically known as ocimum basilicum) is one of our favorite ingredients as it has so many incredible benefits for both your hair and scalp.

Basil’s Incredible Healing Properties

Basil has been utilized for various health and wellness-related purposes for over 5000 years now, and many people swear by its powerful healing properties. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties can all be extremely helpful for those dealing with chronic scalp conditions, such as scalp psoriasis or eczema.

Stimulating Properties for Hair Growth

Just like other members of the mint family, basil has wonderful stimulating abilities that increase blood circulation to your scalp. This increased circulation can ultimately help to stimulate growth, leading to longer hair and even reduced hair loss.

For optimal results, we suggest using our Scalp Detox 1-2 times per week for at least 20 minutes. Thoroughly massage the oil into your scalp with your fingertips to stimulate additional blood flow. This ensures your hair follicles receive all of the potential benefits from both the basil extract and other ingredients and are adequately nourished.