We are all capable of much more than we think. To be better and do better is an expression of a world which is ever expanding and always inspiring, shaped by our own potential. Act+Acre doesn’t just want you to find your place in the world. Act+Acre wants you to grow.

Growing, always.

This is good for you + your hair

Often the focus is on quick fixes for our hair. Lifeless hair is usually a sign of an unhealthy scalp. Product build up can impact the quality of growth while harsh ingredients can strip away the healthy oils our scalps need. Our nutrient rich formulas ensure that we have what we need for a healthy scalp and hair.

This is good for the Earth

- Our packaging is fully recyclable.
- Our products are environmentally friendly and chemical free.
- We use 90% less energy during our production process.
- Our partners subscribe to sustainable business practices and equal wages.
- Our products are made locally in the USA.

A word from our founder, Helen

After 15 years as the go-to stylist for the world’s leading fashion brands, celebrities, and media outlets, I wanted to create a new playbook for hair wellness. Act+Acre exists to help your hair to look and feel amazing and in turn, you feel your best.

Growing, always.


Scent evokes our most powerful memories and in turn motivates our decision making. With this and environmental wellbeing in mind, we crafted a subtly luxurious blend of iris blossom, violet leaf, patchouli, soft leather, cedar, creamy sandalwood, papyrus and golden amber to invite you along our unique scent journey.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The industry standard is an average of only 3% of bottles being recycled. Act+Acre bottles are made from PETG1, the highest grade of recyclable plastic. We want to be the new industry benchmark. With 100% recyclable materials, we deliver a beautiful high-performing product to you and ensure environmental conservation.