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Dandruff is an issue. How do I get rid of it? Oh dandruff..sometimes it feels like our body has a secret language with itself—constantly communicating among its different systems, leaving us to translate cause and effect. Put simply, those flaky white dead cells are your scalp’s way of telling you something.

Dandruff, as you know, is a common condition that makes the skin on the scalp flake. It’s mainly caused by a fungus naturally living on our skin known as Malassezia globosa. This bad boy feeds off the oils in our skin and hair, resulting in the production of oleic acid, which irritates the skin. For some, this acid sets off an immune response which can lead to a rapid turnover of skin cells known as dandruff.

Since dandruff is primarily lifestyle- caused, reversing it means pinpointing what in your day-to-day is encouraging the flaking and creating an ideal environment for the scalp to balance itself out. Sometimes dandruff is caused by stress, diet, or even climate (drier weather=dry skin on the scalp,) resulting in itchy, tight, and flaky scalp. Not great.

When asked about dandruff, I like to explain that treatment needs to be approached from two different directions: alleviating external stressors AND putting the scalp first. The key is to balance your natural moisture levels and remove the buildup of dead skin. Doing this will let your scalp breathe and reestablish its natural processes.

  • Directions
  • Keep your scalp clean, moisturized, and balanced at all times
  • Nourish your body with proper nutrients—see cheat sheet
  • Massage the scalp to increase oil secretion—the Gua Sha is a great product to help with this
  • Look to dandruff-specific products—we recommend the Scalp Renew to remove buildup, exfoliate the scalp, and minimize sebum production (what the fungus feeds on.)

Scalp Gua Sha ToolRelieve scalp tension (which causes dandruff) and deliver key nutrients into deeper layers of the skin. Hair growth? Check. Relaxation? Check. Healthy scalp ecosystem? Check.

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