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Best Selling Gua Sha

“Meet the haircare line that puts scalp health first"

"Absolute game changer. My hair has never felt or looked this good!"

"Act+Acre is Pioneering the Scalp Care Industry"

"Our latest must-have addition to our beauty routine."

"The favorite of beauty editors around the globe"

Clean Ingredients + Non Toxic + Sustainable Packaging

We are a modern hair wellness brand that encourages you to 'treat your hair like you treat your skin'.

It's not about quick fixes. We are about expertise, caring, and thinking things through. We are committed to creating products with the long-term health of your scalp and in turn, your hair, in mind.

Our Method

Cold Processed®

We use a hyperbaric chamber, ice-cold water, and 1200 lbs of pressure to mix all of the ingredients.


Thanks to our method, Act+Acre products retain 97% efficacy of the ingredients, meaning we don't need any added chemicals.

Energy Efficient

By eliminating heat, our method consumes 90% less energy than conventional heat manufacturing.

Skincare For Your Scalp™

Exfoliating scalp treatment that treats irritation, itch, and flakes without stripping the scalp.

Celebrity Trichologist. Obsessed with Scalp Health. Founder of Act+Acre. @helenreavey

How it works

Fewer Ingredients, more nutrients, better hair.

This is Us

Skincare For Your Scalp

We target the basis of all hair growth—the scalp—to support and influence hair wellness with effective, clean, and impactful formulations.

Education + Wellness

We believe that knowledge is meant to be shared—founder and globally renowned editorial hair stylist Helen Reavey actively educates our community on best practices.

Earth-First, Always

In addition to our recyclable packaging, Cold Processed® manufacturing, and refills, we’re making power moves that encourage the industry to do better.

Science-Based + Clinically Proven

The results speak for themselves—clinical studies show that the Cold Processed® regimen removes 95% of build-up from the scalp and hair.