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#BalancingAct with Rachel Zoe

Act+Acre Team

Welcome to #BalancingAct, an intimate new series that dives into the inner workings (and rituals) of visionaries we know, love, and admire. 

Knowledge and bold ideas are meant to be shared and digested — every month, Helen will be dishing out her favorite styling tips alongside those she admires most. 

Throughout Helen’s extensive hairstyling journey, she’s connected with key inspirational and creative figures in the fashion, art, and wellness world.

First up?

None other than the queen of California-cool style, Rachel Zoe. A Madonna-inspired bob may or may not have caused tears…

+ Get to know Rachel Zoe

As multi-hyphenated and talented as they come, Rachel is a mother, entrepreneur, stylist, author, and designer — she’s a wonderful conversationalist with a unique perspective on the role of fashion in shaping identity and culture.

Rachel Zoe’s a fan...and for good reason. The Essential system is a complete scalp care package - starting with buildup removal and ending with a full-circle hydrating treatment.

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