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Balancing Act
with Brooke Devard

Act+Acre Team

“I’ve found that hair is an area where women put a lot of pressure on themselves to get right. As long as it’s healthy, it’s good” — Brooke Devard

On this months #BalancingAct, we connected with Brooke Devard. Simply put, she’s our type of woman. A mother, beauty guru, and award-winning podcast host, Brooke joined Helen for a lively chat on all things hair. Oh—she was also just featured in Vogue. Did we mention we’re fond of her?

Some highlights: 

  • Self-care is even more important when you’re a new mom—in fact, it’s even worth scheduling it.
  • Beauty isn’t one size fits all
  • Simplicity is key
  • Silicone education is crucial

Dive into the conversation below ↓

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