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Helen’s Travel Wisdom

Helen Reavey
Celebrity Hairstylist & Founder

While the summer sun feels delicious on the skin, it can do serious damage to the scalp. From discoloring strands, to causing frizz, to breaking the hair cuticles, it’s worth taking a few proactive steps to protect from unnecessary damage. Note that if you have lighter hair, you’re more vulnerable to damage due to the lack of pigment to protect from UV rays. 

Stay Hydrated 

Hair is incredibly sensitive—which is surprising since we put it through so much. Our body is made up of 60% water and water makes up almost 25% of the weight in a yes, it’s best to keep water on hand. Water is the main source of energy for hair cells, removes toxins and pollutants, and supports the natural hair cycle. Drink up.

Hair Oil is Your Friend 

Remember that dry environment we talked about? That’s when hair oil steps up and saves the day. Mid-transit, apply a bit of oil to the bottom half of your hair to increase the strength of your strands, reduce frizziness, and prevent breakage. Oil forms a protective and nourishing coating for the hair, providing support from wear and tear.

Find Time to Freshen Up 

There’s no shame in taking some time to freshen up. Whether this looks like a mid-flight face mask (the best), byot (bring your own tincture), or a refreshing spritz of dry shampoo, taking a few minutes to feel like yourself will make all the difference. They’ll never know.

Go Mini (Essentials) 

Just because you’re going on a trip, doesn’t mean your hair should. Rather than jumping from product to product, keep your hair routine consistent by bringing your tried and true products. Helen loves the Mini Essentials to ensure the scalp is being supported throughout her travels.

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Mini EssentialsThe perfect taster kit or overnight stay companion. This trio of our favorite products allows you to cleanse and hydrate on the go, and ensures you stay true to your hair routine no matter where you are.

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