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Herbal Must-Haves
for Hitting The Road

Bethany Porten
Naturopathic Medical Student

You’re not making it up! That dazed yet wired feeling you get when you’ve been traveling and on the go is 100% real. Shaking up our natural rhythms with early flights, long road trips, and new places to sleep, does a number to our bodies. If you’re craving a bit of extra support (which, if you’ve been wandering, you likely need) look no further than Act+Acre’s list of herbal must-haves to maintain some balance while hitting the road. 

Nervines for sleep

Nervines are a class of herb best known for treating insomnia and anxiety, a natural pairing while out of our normal routines. They act by calming our nervous systems and have an overall relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. Great nervines to consider at the end for your day to help you wind down and get some great sleep are passionflower and valerian root.

Adaptogens for stress and energy

Stress can be amplified in so many ways while traveling! Being out of our comfort zones and new situations can surge cortisol and stress responses. Adaptogens can help regulate our bodies physiological response to stress, restore balance in our minds, all while also giving us a gentle energy boost! Adaptogen heavy hitters that can be taken throughout the day include ashwagandha, tulsi and rhodiola.

Carminatives for gut support

Eating new foods, dehydration and added stress are just a few common reasons to have GI issues while away from home. Carminative herbs act on the digestive system and are a wonderful option for gas, bloating, and nausea. Keeping some carminatives on hand is key to keeping the gut happy and healthy. Luckily, they also make delicious tea! Some popular and effective carminatives are peppermint, chamomile and ginger.

You’ve got places to be and sites to see! Having some of these plant allies on hand will help you to address the not-so-fun realities of getting after it and allow you to get the most out of your trip. 

P.S. Our favorite travel buddies? The Dry Shampoo and Mini Essentials. 

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