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Oh sweet, sweet summer sunshine. We’ve been expecting you. 

Whether you’re escaping to the coast or soaking up the rays of this long-anticipated summer at home, keep one thing in mind: your scalp can get just as sunburned as the rest of your body. 

A sunburn is a form of UV radiation that causes direct (and sometimes irreversible) DNA damage to the cells. We’re taught to apply sunscreen liberally on our bodies, but the scalp is usually an afterthought. While hair acts as a filter and shields UV-rays, areas of the head with thinner strands or direct exposure need to be protected. 

The sun weakens your hair’s keratin (protein structure) and reduces elasticity, causing strands to break easily. If hair becomes too dry, your follicles' hydrolipidic film also break, allowing for moisture evaporation. Without sustained hydration, hair can become frizzy, tangled, brittle, and have split ends. If your sunburn is severe, you may lose a few strands of hair while the skin is peeling, but rest assured that a sunburn does not cause actual hair loss. 

As you laze in and out of the sea, pool, or outdoors—especially in climates you’re not used to—your scalp and hair will need all the support it can get. According to studies, about  13% of skin cancer occurs on the scalp. As the scalp is harder to monitor for early signs of cancer or general impact, it’s best to take a precautionary approach. 

Remember—treat your scalp like you treat your skin. 

What to do if your scalp gets burnt:

  • Moisturize with skin-soothing and pH-balancing ingredients like aloe vera or milk. Milk contains enzymes that boost the skin’s ability to heal while aloe vera relieves discomfort
  • Keep it cool. Applying cold to the scalp reduces swelling and constricts blood vessels, which helps the area start resetting.
  • Avoid products that irritate your scalp. This includes dandruff-specific shampoo, exfoliants of any kind, petroleum (this is known to trap heat), hair spray, dry shampoo, and mousse.
  • Douse your scalp in a concoction of tea tree essential oil and a fatty carrier oil (like olive oil). Tea tree oil is loved for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Use a 1:3 ratio and gently massage into your scalp.
  • Stay hydrated. A sunburn is known for drawing moisture away from the body. Keep drinking water to help your body replace lost fluid.
  • Connect with a doctor if needed. If you’re worried about your scalp, it’s worth chatting with your doctor. A severe scalp sunburn can lead to infection, swelling, or serious pain.

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