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The Hair Diet

a dynamic monthly journal centered around the joy of unlearning. With hair wellness as our north star, The Almanac invites thought leaders, artists, medical experts, and visionaries to share new concepts, ideas, and ways of thinking. We’re getting to the root of it.

Helen’s Travel Wisdom

Helen’s hair styling career tends to be synonymous with long travel days and showing up ready to deliver imitable hair stories. While those jet-setting days have slowed down the past year, the tried and true tips stay the same. Here’s to arriving with hair worthy of compliments, even after nightmare-ish travel.

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Herbal Must-Haves
for Hitting The Road

That dazed yet wired feeling you get when you’ve been traveling? You’re not making it up. Read on for insights on how to support yourself (and hair) during the long transit days.


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Notes from a New Mother

Rachel Conlan, Act+Acre’s co-founder, just had her first child. Reflections from the past few weeks as a new mother, right here.


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Beaming Fruit Bowl

Beauty comes from the inside. How we start our morning can really set the tone for the rest of the day.  


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Strawberry Shortcake Bites

Eat Clean With Sarah is back with another mouthwatering recipe

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Glowing Rainbow
Macrobiotic Bowl

Delicious, beautiful fuel. Reinvigorate your hair from the inside out with a recipe from our contributor @eatcleanwithsarah

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