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A problem shared—a problem solved

A problem shared—a problem solved

A problem shared—a problem solved
3 min read

“Is your scalp detox good for dry scalp/flakiness? Does the scalp detox help with hair thinning? Are your products safe to use during pregnancy? Are your products safe to use on keratin treated hair?”

We want to create a channel for all of your most coveted hair wellness questions and IRL issues you’re dealing with answered. That’s why we created Act+Acre, in real life. A problem shared—a problem solved. Each week on this particular blog series, coinciding with @actandacreIRL, we will delve into a new IRL issue that’s top of mind amongst our community.

First up this week: scalp psoriasis. Are our products known to alleviate this condition? Our scalp detox is designed to rid the scalp of dead cells and product build up, as well as stimulate new hair growth. A lot of our customers who have scalp psoriasis have noticed a considerable difference when using the detox solution 2x per week, applied directly to the affected areas. Steroid ointments and hair cleanses prescribed to treat psoriasis can sometimes thin the surface of the scalp, which can sometimes result in hair thinning and even hair loss.

Basil leaf, which is one of the main ingredients in our scalp detox is known for stimulating the blood supply to the hair follicle, promoting new hair growth and a healthier scalp. However, it is important to note that both psoriasis and hair loss is promoted by stress, diet, environment, and hormones, and should be considered on a case by case basis. But hopefully using more natural products like ours and incorporating a bi-weekly detox into your routine will always be beneficial and hopefully, help to alleviate the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. Have our products helped with your psoriasis?

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