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What to Expect Transitioning to Silicone and Sulfate Free Products

What to Expect Transitioning to Silicone and Sulfate Free Products

What to Expect Transitioning to Silicone and Sulfate Free Products

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Switching to silicone and sulfate free products may not always go as expected, and leave you feeling frustrated in your hair wellness journey. Not sure what to expect during the transition? Read on to learn more about what you may experience when you make the change.


Sulfates are surfactants that provide a lather in products like shampoo to help remove dirt, oil and residue from the hair.

While this is helpful, sulfates can be extremely drying and irritating on both the scalp and face, which is why many experts suggest opting for a sulfate-free alternative.

What to Expect

When you switch to sulfate-free products, it may take time for you to get used to the more gentle lather the products will create. You may not experience  that ‘squeaky clean feeling’ post-wash, but this is good because it means your scalp hasn’t been stripped of its natural oils.

Be sure to double cleanse, as the first wash helps to remove dirt and the second delivers nutrients to your hair and scalp, giving you that salon-fresh feeling.


Silicones are ingredients that work to provide your hair with a slip that allows for easier detangling and gives it a silky shine.

Although they can make your hair appear soft and healthy, silicones can buildup on your hair over time, preventing natural moisture from reaching the cuticle. This will cause your hair to appear weighed down and frizzy, and can even lead to face and body acne. 

What to Expect

You might be frustrated at first that your hair doesn’t feel as silky as it once did, but remember that feeling was caused by the buildup of a synthetic ingredient.

You may also experience more tangling than before post-wash, but brushing your hair prior to showering can help to remedy this. 

The Results

Over time, your hair will become softer on its own, feel lighter, and appear more voluminous. Your scalp will also begin feeling more balanced and free of any irritation. Cleaner ingredients mean less buildup on your scalp, leading to healthier and stronger hair growth.

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