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Wash Your Hair Like a Boss

Wash Your Hair Like a Boss

Wash Your Hair Like a Boss
4 min read

Ever wash your hair only for it to ultimately feel even dirtier than you when you started? There’s a good chance you might be missing some steps.

And we know what you’re thinking, “isn’t washing your hair common sense?”– If you want to get the most out of your cleanse, here are a few techniques you should begin incorporating during your next wash:

Make sure to thoroughly wet your hair

Often times we don’t take the time to ensure all of our hair is thoroughly saturated with water, which will prevent you from creating a proper lather later on.

Don’t apply your shampoo immediately to your hair

Instead, start by pouring a quarter sized amount of product into your hand and adding a dash of water to it. Mix this together to emulsify the product, and then apply to your hair. This helps to dilute the product so it is not as concentrated, which will ultimately make your hair feel cleaner and more weightless.

Apply the product in sections, not all at once

By applying the product all at once, it is likely you are not evenly dispersing it across your scalp. We suggest sectioning your hair into three different parts (the back, the top, and the sides) and repeating Technique #2 for each section.

Focus the product directly on your scalp, not your hair

Cleansing your scalp should be your main priority during the process, not your actual hair. The scalp is where the majority of your dirt, sweat, and oil is located, and that’s what you should prioritize removing!

Do a double cleanse

Once you rinse your first cleanse, always follow up with a second cleanse. The first cleanse helps to remove all dirt and buildup, and the second ensures that your scalp receives all of the nutrients found in the product. You should find that this cleanse will produce a much stronger lather in your hair than during your first cleanse, and that you need less product to create it.


Make sure to thoroughly massage the product in during your cleanse as this is the best way to ensure all of the dirt and buildup is removed!

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