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5 Reasons People Love The Cold Processed® Method

5 Reasons People Love The Cold Processed® Method

5 Reasons People Love The Cold Processed® Method
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Our products have gone through a patented blending process called the Cold Processed Method®. Unlike the standard process that uses heat and chemicals, our method uses a hyperbaric chamber, ice-cold water, and 1,200 pounds of pressure to mix all of the ingredients together.

Why does this matter? Let’s break down five reasons to love the Cold Processed Method®.

It allows ingredients to remain highly potent

Conventional hair care products need to be heated for several hours at over 300°F to properly combine all of the ingredients. These high temperatures minimize the effectiveness of the ingredients by evaporating the nutrients. With our method, the internal temperature of the hyperbaric chamber never exceeds 68°F, which preserves the nutrients and allows the ingredients to remain fresh and potent.

It can decrease exposure to potential toxins

In standard hair care products, commonly used surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate and/or sodium laureth sulfate can interact with other ingredients at elevated temperatures and form nitrosamines, which are known human carcinogens. Over long periods of exposure, this can lead to human kidney and respiratory damage, as well as other health problems. Standard products also use parabens as a way to preserve products, but parabens can mimic the effect of estrogen in the body, making them an endocrine disruptor. Because our formulas don’t contain sulfates or parabens, you decrease your risk of these potential toxins.

It’s more beneficial for your scalp

The high levels of heat in traditional methods also require products to be filled with harsh, synthetic ingredients that are designed to withstand intense conditions, which may become irritating to the scalp over time. By using the Cold Processing Method®, our products preserve over 96% of nutrients. This means tour scalp and hair will directly benefit from the ingredients being applied to them. With consistent usage, we’ve seen significant improvement to both the condition of the scalp and overall hair wellness—leading to stronger, more resilient hair growth. Like we say, it’s important to treat your scalp as well as you treat your skin.

It’s more environmentally friendly

By eliminating heat, our method consumes 90% less energy than conventional heat manufacturing. Each product comes in a bottle made of either PETG and PET, two of the most recyclable forms of plastic. We work closely with our manufacturing facility to ensure that these materials are directly tied to upcycling efforts to reduce plastic waste.

The main key to remember? The Cold Processing Method® is as good for you internally as it is for your scalp and for the earth.

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