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Meet Act+Acre’s Plant Based Dry Shampoo

Meet Act+Acre’s Plant Based Dry Shampoo

Meet Act+Acre’s Plant Based Dry Shampoo
4 minutes

“The Act+Acre (Plant Based Dry Shampoo) product is innovative and naturally based, using only six skin and hair healthy ingredients including fulvic acid which has a positive impact on the scalp and hair. This is unlike any other dry shampoo on the market.” - John A. Garruto, Award-Winning Chemist, and President of Free Radical Technology, Inc.

But ultimately, we created this Plant Based Dry Shampoo with you in mind.

Why did we create it?

We know how hard it is when you don’t have the time to wash your hair but you still want to feel and look your best, so we set out to make the best non toxic dry shampoo. We wanted to give you something that you could count on but not something that would compromise the health of your scalp and hair. Whether you’re a mom with barely any time for yourself or still working from home and finding it hard to stick to a routine but know you need to look presentable in your Zoom meetings. We understand, which is why we created this product.

Why is this one different?

We promised innovation and quality when we launched Act+Acre and we continue this promise with all our future products, including our Plant Based Dry Shampoo. So, why is this so special? Our formula was created with only six clean ingredients, that’s less than half the number of ingredients of a traditional dry shampoo. Because we care as much about what goes on your body as you do.

Our ingredient breakdown:

Fulvic Acid: A super-nutrient extracted from organic plant matter that detoxifies the scalp and delivers minerals directly into the follicle to restore the microbiome

Silica: A vital mineral to prevent hair loss and support healthy growth

Tapioca Powder: Absorbs excess oil and remains invisible on the hair and scalp

Rice Starch+Powder: Detoxifies the scalp from sweat, oil, and odor

Water: Binds together the ingredients to give a weightless cleanse

These six purpose-filled ingredients come together to make the cleanest dry shampoo formula that is suitable for all hair types and colors, even chemically treated and dark hair. It’s also safe for our Earth. The bottle is made from post-consumer plastic and it’s also non-aerosol to make sure our earth ozone layer is protected!

Some Guidance

When using our Plant Based Dry Shampoo, hold the pump about six inches away from your hair and give it a few sprays. Use your fingertips to massage the powder into your scalp, then run a comb through your hair to distribute the powder. This ensures the product will absorb as much sweat, oil, and odor as possible. The formula will trap all unwanted hair grime which will be ready to be rinsed out with your next wash! If needed, use cold air from the dryer to remove any excess powder.

The dry shampoo can be used as often as needed to rid your hair of oiliness and to provide texture and grit. Just remember to keep your hair-washing routine consistent to make sure the scalp is healthy and clean.

And because dry shampoo goes on your scalp and your face is just an extension of your scalp, the Plant Based Dry Shampoo can be used as an alternative to face powder! The powders absorb oil and shine while fulvic acid gives anti-inflammatory properties to support a healthy skin barrier! Just spritz a bit in your hand and grab a brush to apply it lightly over your skin.

A Team-Favorite Tip

One of our favorite ways to use the product is to apply it before hot yoga or any workout session. This way it will absorb all the sweat and oil before they even happen. Have you ever tried to use dry shampoo after a hard workout? It usually creates a powdery-yet-wet look, but with this trick, you’ll leave the studio looking as fresh as when you walked in.

We hope you love it.

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