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Why Now is The Perfect Time for a Hair Reset

Why Now is The Perfect Time for a Hair Reset

Why Now is The Perfect Time for a Hair Reset
3 min read

Whether you’re trying to reverse heat or chemical damage, grow out your hair, or improve the health of your scalp, now is the perfect time to do it as we continue spending time at home.

Take this time to identify your goals

Figure out what you want to accomplish with your hair, and build a routine to help yourself achieve it. This could include incorporating a weekly hair mask, scalp detox, or only using hot tools once per week.

Treat your scalp like you treat your face

No matter what your hair goals may be, healthy hair begins at the root. Always be sure to give your scalp a weekly massage to remove buildup and increase blood circulation.

Imagine your hair as a luxury fabric

Avoid brushing your hair directly after a shower, and remove excess moisture with a microfiber hair towel opposed to a rough cotton towel. Swap your cotton pillowcase for a bamboo or silk option, as this can help prevent frizz, tangles and breakage during your sleep.

Give your hair a rest from the heat

Now is the perfect time to avoid styling with hot tools, and opt for heat-free techniques. You see, heat will break down the keratin structures in your hair, which can leave you with dry, brittle hair that is vulnerable to breakage when exposed to heat often enough. When you do apply heat to your hair, be sure to use some form of heat protectant.

Remember to be patient

Good hair doesn’t appear overnight. It takes time and patience for your hair to heal and become the best version of itself. Use this time to find a routine that works for both you and your hair, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to long-term hair health.

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