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Fall Haircare Tips from our Expert Founder—Helen Reavey

Fall Haircare Tips from our Expert Founder—Helen Reavey

Fall Haircare Tips from our Expert Founder—Helen Reavey
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While your hair may have survived summer’s frizz and humidity, sweater weather can result in an uphill battle for your hair, too. That’s why we’ve collected our best tips and tricks to prepare you for the effects the change in weather will have on your hair.

Fall Problem: Itchy Scalp & Dandruff

In fall, the weather gets cooler and dryer, leaving our scalps itchy and lacking in moisture. Worst case scenario: dandruff collecting on our shoulders, which is not a good look.

Solution: Giving our heads that extra TLC is vital during this transition in weather. Investing in products that stimulate and balance the scalp, such as our own Scalp Detox, is a good step to avoid flakiness.

Fall Problem: Sun-damaged Hair

It’s time to let go of summer, and that means dealing with the effects the season had on your hair. Extended exposure to sun, salt water and lots of humidity mean your mane may have taken quite a beating and visibly so.

Solution: Literally let go of summer hair by chopping it off! Get a slight trim or, if you’re really adventurous, a drastic cut, leaving your locks looking fresh and new. If you’re considering a change in color, make sure to add extra nourishment to your hair for it to adapt seamlessly.

Fall Problem: Dry and Dehydrated Hair

While dry and flaky patches on your facial skin are more noticeable, don’t forget that your hair is experiencing the same amount of loss in moisture. No one likes the feeling of brittle hair, especially when it leads to breakage.

Solution: Condition, condition and condition again! Leaving in your conditioner for longer will make up for the lack of moisture, while simultaneously giving you an excuse to wind down and light a few autumnal candles as you wait for it to sink in. Additionally, you may want to purge your vanity of any hair products containing harsh-alcohol or harsh-chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils.

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