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Stay Calm and Wash Your Hands—And Hair

Stay Calm and Wash Your Hands—And Hair

Stay Calm and Wash Your Hands—And Hair
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In the midst of all the reminders to wash our hands, wipe down our phones, and take other preventative measures—something no one is talking about is the role hair cleanliness can play in the prevention of spreading germs.

So, let's get into it.

Just like your skin, your hair too has pores

Hair attracts a great deal of air pollution and dirt particles. This dirt and pollution can contain both viruses and bacteria, which can easily become trapped in your hairs pores. If you use any products that contain silicone, this synthetic ingredient is particularly known for attracting dirt and dust, which can lead to further buildup of germs.

*point to note—avoid silicone-containing hair products

Just like your skin, your scalp is an optimal breeding ground for germs

As we wash our hair less frequently than our hands, various kinds of bacteria and viruses can remain on our hair and scalp for quite some time. Because our scalps naturally radiate heat, that warmth makes it an optimal breeding ground for germs to grow. No bueno.

*point to note—detox + wash your scalp regularly!

Other Pointers

If you are not a frequent hair washer, try increasing your number of weekly washes by two during cold and flu season.

Avoid touching your hair as often as possible to prevent the transferring of germs, particularly after being in public spaces.

In the same way you should wash your hands for 20 seconds, your hair is no different, in fact it is deserving of two if not three times that amount. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your entertainment for this time covered (just double the dosage)

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