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Fighting a Dry Scalp During Winter

Fighting a Dry Scalp During Winter

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3 min read

Cold weather? Dry scalp? Embarrassing flakes? The struggle is real, but we're here to help! Let's get into it.

Avoid steamy hot showers

Cruel, we know. But unfortunately extreme temperatures are super stripping on the skin, hair and aggravate your dry scalp further. Instead, opt for a luke-warm water temperature. Test it out for a few days and trust us—you will notice the difference.

Invest in a humidifier

This is a more obvious one; the drier the air, the drier your scalp. With the heating on in colder weather, running a humidifier at night while you sleep will bring much needed moisture back into the air, helping to relieve your scalp of that dry itchy feeling throughout the night or when you wake up.

Incorporate oils into your routine

Oil is your best friend during cold, dry months. Incorporating a weekly treatment into your regimen with an oil based product like our Scalp Detox will really help. This will nourish your scalp and help remove any dry, flaky skin that has built up over the week, leaving your scalp feeling moisturized and renewed.

Wear hats to protect your scalp from weather damage

Wearing hats can protect your scalp from any potential wind burn or extreme weather temperatures that often lead to scalp irritation and excessive dryness. When choosing the perfect winter hat, try to avoid rough, cotton fabrics, and opt for a smoother material, or a hat that has a satin lining on the inside. Your hair will thank you for that one.

Did you know?

Cold water can also be too extreme on your scalp, as it can cause your follicles to constrict. This prevents nutrients from being properly absorbed, and why lukewarm water is optimal.

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