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What Sweat is Really Doing to your Scalp

What Sweat is Really Doing to your Scalp

What Sweat is Really Doing to your Scalp
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From time to time, we’re all guilty of skipping out on a proper shower post-workout. By this we mean skipping out on washing your hair, and opting for quick fixes like dry shampoo instead. This is understandable, as with our daily routines, time and efficiency are of the essence—nonetheless, would you skip out on washing your face after a workout? If the answer to this is no, then you should never skip out on washing your scalp either. Here’s why:

Studies have shown that when sweat mixes with other dirt and bacteria already present on the scalp, similar to that on your skin, it can lead to fungal infections and clogged pores. These issues on the scalp can cause harm to the hair follicle, decelerating hair growth or causing strands of hair to fall out entirely.

As well as that, when lactic acid from sweat mixes with the keratin in your hair, it has been found to strip away part of your hair’s protective coating, which can lead to dry, brittle, weakened hair. No bueno.

So, how do we prevent sweat from affecting the quality of our scalp and hair?

Avoid very tight hairstyles when working out that may trap excess heat close to your scalp. Wearing your hair loosely will help to reduce excess sweating, and allow the sweat you do produce to evaporate quicker.

Regularly use a scalp detox, as this will help to remove any harsh buildup while nourishing your follicles—leading to stronger, healthier hair growth. We recommend using a treatment 1-2 times per week for optimal results.

Wash your hair frequently, especially after workouts—it’s a common misconception to believe that the less you wash your hair, the better. Washing your hair infrequently will only lead to an excess buildup of sweat, dirt, and oil. The less you rid your scalp of these irritants, the more aggravated and prone to scalp issues and increased hair loss you will be. As long as you are using gentle and nourishing products on your hair, frequent hair washing will not result in any damage.

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