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Your Guide to Scalp Detox

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Scalp Detox 101

Scalp Detox 101

Scalp Detox 101
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If there is something we know here at Act + Acre, it’s that overall hair wellness begins with a healthy scalp. Sweat and product buildup can easily leave our scalps feeling less than perfect, and sometimes a regular cleanse simply can’t get the job done—That’s where our Cold Processed™ Scalp Detox steps in.

Filled with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this powerful potion deeply nourishes your scalp, reviving it to a balanced, healthy state. Because we have eliminated heat and chemical emulsion from the production process of our products, the active ingredients remain as fresh and potent as possible, allowing for you to achieve the best possible results in return.

The detox works by gently removing dead cells and other buildup, allowing for a better delivery of nutrients to the follicles on your scalp. It stimulates overall blood circulation as well, promoting hair growth in return. By incorporating the detox into your beauty routine one to two times per week, you will notice your hair feeling stronger and looking healthier than ever before.

To Use

Section your hair so that the scalp is visible. Apply 2-3 drops of product per section directly onto your scalp, and avoid bringing it down into your hair. (This will help prevent your actual hair from becoming too oily). We suggest creating approximately 6 sections across your head.

Massage oil onto the scalp and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and follow with our Cold Processed™ Hair Cleanse and Hair Conditioner. Initially, use one to two times per week until scalp issues subside. The detox can be used overnight for an intensive detox should you feel necessary.

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