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4 Hair Washing Mistakes to Avoid

4 Hair Washing Mistakes to Avoid

4 Hair Washing Mistakes to Avoid
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Washing your hair may seem like the most basic way to take care of your scalp, however even in the shower there are a few pitfalls to avoid if you want to promote healthy hair growth.

Extreme Water Temperature

Act+Acre believes that we should be giving our scalps the same amount of care as our skin. When you wash your hair in a scalding hot or freezing cold shower, it can lead to dehydration and constriction of nutrients to the scalp—use lukewarm water where possible.

Washing Infrequently

The idea that you shouldn’t wash your hair too often is just a myth. Factors we are exposed to daily, such as pollution and sweat, can all lead to the hair shaft weakening and causing unhealthy hair to grow. Additionally, our hair requires a sufficient amount of moisture to grow, yet the natural sebum we produce is too big of a molecule to penetrate our hair shaft. Washing hair regularly cleans our scalp of unhealthy sediments while also moisturizing hair sufficiently for healthy growth. On a related note, always wash your hair after a workout. Dry sweat and dead skin cells is not good for the scalp because they build up in your hair follicle so they really need to be removed.

Using A Lot of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo may be one of the fastest ways to clog your hair follicles and inhibit healthy hair growth. Therefore, you’ll wanna try avoiding dry shampoo as much as possible, and make sure to get in a good and deep hair cleanse or scalp detox to remove it.

Not Reading Ingredients

You know that feeling of ‘squeaky clean’ after washing your hair? Yeah, that’s a bad thing. Many shampoos contain sulfates that strip your scalp of its natural oils and hair’s good bacteria, which is needed to create a healthy environment for growth. In the long run, continuously stripping your scalp this way can lead to dandruff. Try a gentle and non-stripping form of shampoo instead, like our gentle cleanse.

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